Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion (Close Up), Source: Amazon

Reduce Lower Back Pain and Tailbone Pain with a Purple Seat Cushion – It’s Worth It

You probably know PurpleĀ® for their wacky and whimsical advertising and special Smart Comfort Grid mattresses. Now, they use that same patented innovation to make sitting a much more comfortable experience for your back and tailbone. After already owning a Purple kingĀ  size mattress, I gave the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion a try. I wrote [...]

Woman with her back to the camera on a foam seat cushion, Source: Flexispot

Why You Need a Foam Seat Cushion

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Sitting may be the new smoking, but not all sitting is the same, and with proper support from a high-quality seat cushion, you can feel better doing it and reduce the negative impacts.