About Me

Will Hull, 2018 Copyright Hullabaloo Enterprises. All rights reserved.Hi. I’m Will Hull. I am a married father of 3 children (all under the age of 10) and I work remote out of Reno, Nevada for a company that helps nonprofits with their technology needs from fundraising to online communications and website design.

Since working remote from my home office since 2012, I found that I have a few confessions to make about the time I find myself sitting in my office chair.

One day, I stumbled across a video on Facebook for the Purple Mattress. After seeing it a couple of times, my wife and I, unhappy with our memory foam mattress that we picked up off of a Groupon deal, decided to take the leap and get one. Since that day, I have not been in any pain while sleeping where I used to have major hip pain.

That purchase led me to the Portable Purple Seat Cushion where I used that daily while working, but it just wasn’t thick or soft enough for daily use sitting up to 11 or 12+ hours each day.

Becoming quite the Purple product “fan boy” I took another leap and ponied up the cash for a Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion in November of 2017. I love this seat cushion so much that I decided to put this website together to virtually shout it from the rooftops exactly how much I am in love with this product.

I want you to know that it is my hope that I, in some small way, help you find the relief you’re looking for in your office chair seating comfort with my seat cushion review site and that you learn more about the seat cushion I personally use every day, the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion among others when considering an office chair seat cushion to ease any aches and pains you might have while sitting every day.

==> Here’s the office chair seat cushion that I recommend, personally.