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Reduce Lower Back Pain and Tailbone Pain with a Purple Seat Cushion – It’s Worth It

[vc_row css_animation=”fadeInLeft”][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeInRight”]You probably know Purple® for their wacky and whimsical advertising and special Smart Comfort Grid mattresses. Now, they use that same patented innovation to make sitting a much more comfortable experience for your back and tailbone.

After already owning a Purple king  size mattress, I gave the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion a try. I wrote this update while I sat on the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion, and feel like I am sitting on an air bubble that is so cushy and comfy that I will never go back to sitting in my office chair without one. I think it is worth it, not only to relieve back pain and tailbone pain, but also to ensure hours and hours are spent without feeling anything under my rear other than comfort. If you’re like me and work remote from home or in the office and use an office chair where you may sit for hours at a time, this is a great option to help protect your body for years to come from the effects of sitting long hours in an office chair.

The Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion Relieves the Pressure of Sitting for Long Hours

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Sitting for extensive periods of time, for many hours at a time (I am guilting of periods of 4-5 hours without getting up to walk around), one of the huge discomfort factors that comes with sitting for most of the day, is tailbone and back pain. Humans are designed for movement and sednentary activity can add up over time and take its toll on the body. I also personally experienced need to continuously turn from cheek to cheek after so many hours and my lower back pain didn’t subside after a good nights sleep on my Purple Mattress. After utilizing this office chair seat cushion, I can with confidence claim that many of my pains as well as are gone. Now, if you have actually been sitting in the same position for years, remember that it could take a greater toll such as “degernative joint changes”, as discussed by the Mayo Clinic.

I tend to slouch and slide down in my office chair and extend my legs straigh and cross them on the floor over time. However, I do catch myself sitting this way and then correct my position in my office chair and with the Purple Ultimate Seat Custhion, I find that I do it less often becuase my body isn’t producing soreness and pain to cause me, unconsciously to slide down in my chair. Ever since owning this Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion, I have spent less time doing this unconscious activity and have better seat posture more often than not in seeking to relieve the pressure on my lower back and tailbone (coccyx) area. Which would after that create me to slide down in my seat, unconsciously, searching for relief of those pressure locations.
The Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion is Cool as a Cucumber

The entire family of Purple Seat Cushions use the same Smart Comfort Grid pattern that Purple uses on the top of their bed mattress that are oh so cool that I never notice that I am sitting on it, all day long.

The science behind it not just permits pressure relief but it likewise encourages airflow while you’re sleeping and as you adjust. This mean whenever you relocate a little, your backside gets a bit of fresh air, helping you sit fresh, cool, relaxed and simply feeling awesome all day long.

It does warm to body temperature as you sit on it, however, when I move and reposition, I get some relief from the heat as fresh air moves beneath my backside.

Check Out My Unboxing of the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion

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Each of the Purple Seat Cushions are constructed out of the same Hyper-Elastic Polymer that cover the top layer of the Purple Mattresses. The cover is constructed out of an added stretchy and super breathable polyester material.

This material really enables you to obtain the very best out of your seat cushion. All the materials used are non-toxic, very durable, and hypoallergenic. All Purple Seat Cushios are in the USA.


The Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion is the best thing for my bum since sliced bread. It is extremely comfy, in general. I can sit in just about any position, even slouching with my legs extended straight out and crossed while working and hardly feel anything on my backside after prolonged periods of sitting in that position. I don’t want to say that I sit that way all the time, but I do tend to end up in that position after sitting up straight and gradually, over time, slide down to that position. Really, any position sitting with this Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion works.

Whether I am staying up right, crossing my legs, or even if I slide right into the negative habit of sinking onward and also crouching over my key-board, I still feel comfy. In addition to experience much less back discomfort all at once. I have likewise experienced less discomfort in the back end.

Before I took the plunge to buy myself the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion, making an investment in my health and well being, I would need to get up every couple of minutes to simply find some temporary relief from sitting in my office chair. Now, when I turn off my computer for the day, I don’t hardly feel any pain or aches at all. It might also help that I am also sleeping on a Purple Mattress at night to help alleviate any other aches and pains I might have throughout my body as well. I highly recommend this office chair seat cushion.

Take One with you When You Travel

The Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion is a little large to bring with you to the car/truck, but for that, I use the Purple Portable Seat Cushion which is much smaller than less thick in its dimensions which you can also buy. I was surprised at the weight and also density of the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion, coming in at 2.49 pounds and it comes with a black zip-up cover that is easy to wash by hand or to toss into a washing machine every so often.

For those desiring seat cushion padding for driving, I will say that the Purple Portable Seat Cushion is a great option.

For those of you on the move, you may discover that their Everywhere Cushion, or Portable Cushion will fit your demands much better, if you want to take your seat cushion with you any place you go as they are much smaller as well as simpler to put in a big handbag, knapsack, or even briefcase.
Does it Make Any Sounds?

The only sound I have found is the release of air as I sit down on the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion. There isn’t really much sound that comes from it at all.

As long as you are not requiring a seat cushion to be entirely silent, the sound of day-to-day life will quickly overpower it.

Does it Remain in Place While Sitting?

Sitting for extensive durations of time, the zip-up cover on the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion does have non-slip nubs to slow and nearly stop any slippage as you readjust your seat cushion, but these don’t entirely stop it from moving around. These do, however, help tremendously with maintaining your padding in position. Throughout the day, I find that I will reposition it every so often to be in the best spot on my office chair to maximize my comfort. Because I tend to slouch and slide down as I am sitting, the seat cushion will tend to follow that movement and I will need to get up, for a second, readjust and I am back to where I need to be. It is also a reminder not to slouch.

It is very easy to readjust and I did not find that I needed to keep consciously reminding myself not to slouch, but I don’t need to find additional ways to keep it still and in place. Sitting on a glossy hard chair may produce different results, but I have always used it with a traditional office chair so I have had very little movement other than my slouching that will cause any issues of movement when it comes to the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion.

Care Instructions

For the black cover, it can be cleaned on cold in a washing machine or by hand, air dryed or in a tumble dryer on a low setting. Overtime dust, the hyper-elastic polymer fragments, as well as dirt may adhere to your purple cushion. Purple suggests simply cleaning by hand with warm water and gentle detergent. Hang out to air dry, do not put your hyper-elastic polymer seat cushion padding in the clothes dryer. You can also spray the seat cushion polymer padding with a hose or other water spray device outside to rinse it off and remove any debris that may be clinging to it as well while you wash the black cover.

Shipping & Warranty

Shipping is free with Amazon Prime or if you order directly from Purple. Purple also offers a 30-Day Trial from date of delivery and a 1-Year Warranty. This provides you lots of time to experiment with your seat cushion and provide peace of mind that Purple backs a solid product through its use of materians and a seat cushion that is designed to last a long time.

So you can feel comfortable that your seat cushion will certainly last you a very long time. If, for any type of reason, within the 30-day trial period you decide that your Purple Cushion is not for you, you can ship it back, free of charge and also get your money back.

So, Overall, What’s the Scoop on the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion?

At the end of the day, I am incredibly delighted and satisfied with the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion. It makes long periods of sitting throughout the day so much more comfortable and helps me find the relief in areas of my body that take a beating while sitting for so long. The black cover that comes with the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion is a wonderful addition as well, with a hassle-free maintenance, and nubs that make it a lot simpler to reposition the seat cushion in my office chair where I like to get the most comfort from sitting on it.

After using the remarkable Purple Mattresses, I wanted to try out the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion for myself and find out just exactly how comfortable the Purple Seat Cushion is. I was not disappointed.

Before using my Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion, I used to experience tiny aches and discomforts in the form of lower back pain and tailbone pain. Now, the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion, I will say that it is great to sit on something so luxurious. The density of the seat cushion helps you escape these body aches and pains you are looking for if you sit for long periods at a time at a desk in an office chair. At the end of the day, I am exceptionally delighted and glad I splurged and went for the best option Purple offers with the Purple Ultimate Seat Cushion.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css_animation=”fadeInRight”][vc_column][vc_column_text]

From the video description by Purple on YouTube:

Life can be a pain in the butt, but it doesn’t have to be. Make your glutes glad, get a Purple® Seat Cushion today…
✓ The world’s most comfortable seat cushion. Seriously.
✓ Life is a pain in the gluteus. Now sitting doesn’t have to be.
✓ Open airflow design keeps your keister cool and comfortable.
✓ Purple® Seat Cushions keep their shape and never leave a booty impression.

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